The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing

The centre is recognised as one of the premier Pilates and Yoga studios and retreat centres in  North Yorkshire in England, run by Anne-Marie and James Burford.

James and Anne-Marie are dedicated to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing of all those who are exposed to their teachings, treatments and classes.


Anne-Marie is a highly qualified and experienced teacher. She is a certified Chopra Centre Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher and was named as one of the top Pilates instructors in the country by Harpers and Queen Magazine, Feb 2002.

Anne-Marie’s professional membership include that of the Pilates Institute, of BackCare, RSA, YMCA exercises to music and is on the register of Exercise Professionals level 3. She has also worked for the Harrogate District Hospital in their physiotherapy department and as a health tutor in a G.P. practise for a number of years.


James has spent over 5 years of extensive travel and study in India. He was living and studying in the holy Indian city of Varanasi where he completed his 3 year post-graduate degree in Indian Philosophy and Comparative Religion.

James’s academic studies and spiritual practise has focused primarily on Yoga, Vedanta and Tantric traditions, including extensive personal retreat and immersion into the esoteric Tantric teachings of Kashmir Shaivism. He has lectured in Indian Philosophy in The UK,  France and India

James is a qualified Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga (Yoga Alliance) and Pilates teacher. He has also trained extensively as an Ayurvedic Masseur (Traditional Indian Massage) and is a Reiki Master. James offers a traditional Hatha Yoga class and a deeper Chakra Energy Yoga class as well as Pilates classes. He also gives Ayurvedic massage and Tarot and Astrology readings.

Together Anne-Marie and James run regular Ayurveda Yoga and Tantra Yoga retreats from their Centre in Harrogate and in other centres world wide. These retreats are the perfect opportunity for people to escape from the stressful hustle and bustle of normal life and retreat into a healing and nourishing environment where they can learn methods and techniques to improve their overall quality of life (

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Anne-Marie in conjunction with Dr. Martyn Speight (a leading musculo-skeletal specialist and osteopath) has bought out an internationally selling DVD - "Pilates on the Ball - with the optional use of MBT's". The DVD is also sold and recommended by BackCare.

 I was so impressed. We were gently and firmly taken through the exercises and given explanations why they were important. These explanations fitted with my medical knowledge and experience in the treatment of chronic pain.  As a pain clinic doctor I believe that a holistic approach, such as this is needed for everyone in trouble.

Dr. Joy Stanton  M.B., Ch.B. (Leeds) Basic medical qualification

F.R.C.A (Fellow of Royal College of Anaesthetists of UK) Retired Sept 2010.

I had a Stroke in April 2006 which left me paralyzed down the whole of the left side which left me with terrible posture. Anne-Marie and Pilates have changed all that. As I have become aware of my “core” my balance, posture, and movement have all improved significantly I recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to stay young and supple as possible.

Sue Stewart 


For the first time in a very long time I feel that I have a way forward to shifting some of the excess baggage (literally and metaphorically) that I have been carrying around for most of my adult life and that's a wonderful feeling to have. It makes me smile from the inside out.

I have  also lost two stone without dieting since following the Ayurvedic advice for my body type.

Gwen Grove manager of N. Division Price Waterhouse Coopers


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Pilates Mat Work Movie

Pilates Mat Work Movie

Pilates Mat Work Movie

Pilates Mat Work Movie

Pilates Mat Work Movie

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The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing, 40 Duchy Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 2ER