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Escape the rat race with our Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats in the UK and abroad

If you want to give yourself a complete break from the stresses of modern day living. The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing & Harrogate Yoga Retreats offer a range of retreats, both at our family run Harrogate centre and at other retreat centres abroad. Since 2011 we have also taught on retreat in Gozo, Sri Lanka, India, Bali, France, Greece, Cyprus and the Maldives.If you have special requirements for either yourself or your group, we will plan a bespoke retreat especially for you.

For more information of our Harrogate retreats, outline programme etc please click here.

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Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

Ayurveda teaches the art of finding balance and harmony within our environment. In the retreat, the wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation is shared with you, so you can learn to adapt your lifestyles to enable you to be as healthy, harmonious and balanced as possible.



Chakra Yoga Retreat

Tantra is an ancient spiritual pathway of India from which yoga was born. The word ‘Tantra’ refers to the infinite Divine Energy which permeates all of life. In this retreat James teaches Yoga from a tantric perspective which focuses primarily on the chakras; the subtle energy centres of the body. In the retreat the student will learn yoga, meditation, yoga philosophy and powerful tools for transformation. The Timetable is similar to the Ayurvedic retreat shown in the link above. (please note this style of yoga has nothing to do with sex tantra

Regular Classes

Once you have experienced the professionalism of our approach, you will want to come back for our Pilates and Yoga classes. We provide a range of classes for varying abilities throughout the week, so you are sure to find the right class for you.

New Year Retreat December 31-January 2nd from £285 non residential, residential options also available

The New year is a wonderful time to come on retreat as we set our intentions for a New Year and learn how Ayurveda, yoga and meditation can bring vibrant health healing and balance - please note we always have a waiitng list for this retreat so early booking is advisable

Ayurvedic Yoga Easter Retreat April 12-14 from £255

Easter is a time of rebirth and renewal - you will learn how adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle can bring rejuvunation and life enhancing changes that will lead to a healthier, happier and more balanced you.

May 24-26th Bank Holiday Yoga Retreat from £255 non residential, residential options also available

The Spring is a beautiful time to rejuvinate and learn how Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation can refresh, renew and bring harmony and well being in our lives

Ayurveda Summer Bank Holiday Retreat August 26-29 from £285

non residential, residential options also available This is the longest retreat we run at the centre, and a wonderful opportunity to explore Ayurvda , yoga and meditation in more depth and enjoy the spa town of Harrogate and the beautiful surrouding Yorkshire Dales in the summertime.

October 25 -27 Chakra Tantra retreat from £255 non res

Tantra is an ancient spiritual pathway from India which gave birth to Yoga. ‘Tantra’ refers to the infinite Divine Energy which permeates all of life and teaches methods for liberating energy and consciousness within the human body for us to achieve union with the Supreme reality. 

In this retreat James teaches Yoga from a tantric perspective which focuses primarily on the chakras; the subtle energy centres of the body. In the retreat the student will learn yoga, meditation, tantra and chakra philosophy and powerful tools for transformation. 


Other Non UK retreat options new dates tbc shortly

This year we have invitations to run other retreats in the Maldives, or Bali and also to run a retreat at several other non UK destinations
However, we feel the experience at Ahimsa Gardens is so outstanding and is the most beneficial on all levels, so we plan to return to in November as well, so more of you can experience it for yourselves.
As an Ayurvedic centre it has not been possible for us to provide full Panchakarma, but now with our partnership with Ahimsa the dream has  become a reality.




Ayurveda Yoga Retreats with Panchakarma Ahimsa Garden retreats Kerala S.India

 February 23rd- March 2 2019   Ahimsa Garden retreats Ayurvedic yoga retreat with Panchakarma from £750 inc 21% govt tax 

Please see our notice board page for more information or the video link below for a small glimpse of what to expect from a retreat at Ahimsa


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What people have said about our classes and Retreats

"Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat! I am still enjoying the effects of the meditation and relaxation.As a practitioner and teacher of Reiki, as well as a shamanic healer, I particularly appreciated the all-inclusive nature of the Yoga retreat."

Melanie Mascall August 2012

" I have now been to my first retreat .. And what joy.. Surpassed my expectations as I left feeling grounded and pretty exhilarated all at the same time. If one centre can put on varied and satisfying yoga all week.. And on top of that hold transforming retreats. It must be leading UK I would think"

Belinda Allsopp February 2015

"Years ago I hated my first experience of yoga. This was primarily because the focus was purely on the asana and it felt very competitive I compared myself to everyone else and thought I was useless!

I now appreciate that yoga is so much more than the physical poses. I don’t think any more about what everyone else is doing – I focus on myself and seek to learn and improve within the limits of my own body.

I would heartily recommend the retreat if you want to take time out for yourself and learn more with like-minded people. I guarantee that you will definitely leave feeling more calm, centred and relaxed than when you arrive."

Melanie Richardson Harrogate 2011

A more recent update from Melanie

"I’ve recently returned from my second visit to Ahimsa Garden Retreats in Kerala.In addition to the lovely, nourishing food, the local trips and the daily meditation and yoga, the highlight of the retreat for me was the wonderful daily massage treatments.  These are prescribed by Dr Nair, the Ayurvedic Doctor, who you meet for a consultation upon arrival.  The interesting thing for me was that I found the treatments much more relaxing this year.  I was astounded to hear from Dr Nair (our Ayurvedic Dr. and his son, also an Ayurvedic Doctor) that the effects of the treatments can last up to a year – how amazing!  The feedback from them at my final consultation was that I looked very different from when I arrived and I agreed as my skin and eyes were shining and I felt so much better in myself.   They suggested that I continue with exactly what I’m doing in terms of carrying on with yoga (important for me to improve my flexibility), meditation (to keep me grounded and my mind calm) and recommended I do pranayama exercises, particularly the energising ones in winter to keep me warm.  They also suggested I have Chyawanprash (an Ayurvedic herbal rejuvenating jam) on a daily basis and continue taking Ashwagandha which will help to keep me strong and healthy.  I can thoroughly recommend the experience of a visit to Ahimsa."

Anne-Marie says

"Melanie is a wonderful example of someone who has truly embraced the yoga/ Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Having now attended a number of our retreats and workshops Melanie maintains good health, a calm and balanced life and is also outstanding in her work ( she was recently voted Yorkshire P.A of the year and now mentors others). This view is also reinforced by our Ayurvedic doctors and Dr.Kuchinad."


The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing is unique in in the N.E its use of Yoga Nidra in the treatment of Veterans with PTSD. The retreats run by the centre are invaluable in helping the veterans deal with PTSD without the use of medication. The number of veterans suffering form PTSD is increasing and the approach offered by the centre is invaluable, very few centres offer this sort of holistic treatment.

Charles Holleran Newcastle-upon -Tyne May 2017 (veteran of the Falklands- now works in support with other Veterans)